Liposuction – some patient experiences


Here are some blogs and information about the bad effects from liposuction. When looking through these stories, bear in mind these are just the tip of the iceberg of distressed blogs in the aftermath of liposuction. In 2014 alone, we identified in the realm of 12,000 + blogs about negative outcomes/aspects of liposuction on just one website alone. The following blogs were posted within a few years before 2014.


New accounts of adverse outcomes are posted on a regular basis. Many positive reviews turn negative, but the rating is not updated; often people are banned from sites for speaking out against their offending surgeon or trying to warn others about the procedure. Also, many positive reviews are fakes posted by doctors to attract business.


I’ve fixed some of the spelling errors and underlined some sentences to bring attention to various points, but quotes are direct from reviewers. It helps to review the photos as well. Denise Hendry’s colon was punctured 9 times during liposuction. Liposuction can and does permanently damage underlying structure. Ms. Hendry lived in pain for seven years until she died. Dr. Peter Bunting, an NHS doctor who treated Denise, said that he was convinced that the liposuction was the beginning of the chain of events that led to her death. I've built all the muscle I can maintain. This is what my torso looks like. I was a dancer for many years. My legs are just totally destroyed and off the muscle because of this lipo and botching.

I got liposuction on stomach, BBL and PS suggested to "define" buttocks. After surgery got the terrible news, he liposuctioned (disfigured) inner thighs (non-consented- not marked previously to surgery nor i wanted thinner legs), suctioned below the crease to "define" which made butt to drop, long, square, flat and stomach with dimples and lumps. Legs are deformed, missing parts all over. I´m hopeless I have no fat left for transfers, I´m and was skinny. Any PS that can help me? I´m desperate


A doctor, Mishbah Khan, M.D., FAAD, FACMS responded and said, I am so sorry about your results. I see this in my practice at least 1 case per week.”


My response: One case per week!!! STOP! Educate doctors! Regulate this awful procedure! Stop ruining women’s buttocks, bodies, and lives over and over again.



  • Liposuction deformed my body. Went for a lipo... doctor suggested I have my inner and outer thighs lipoed. I was mainly concerned with my stomach and fat accumulated on my back. I had no idea that there could be possibilities of having a deformed body… I wish I had a time machine… Now I have deformities all over my body, I have much more pronounced cellulite... and horrible hanging loose skin around my belly, one more thing: spider veins (apparently a side effect).


Pictures speak louder than words – this woman’s body is covered in divots.


  • I am sitting here bawling my eyes out because I feel your pain. I have been left with incredible sagging skin and my butt looks like an 80-year-old woman. I didn't even go in for lipo on my butt-it was supposed to be inner/outer thighs and the doctor literally sucked out every ounce of fat in the area! I am so deformed and this has taken over my life. I am 27 and single and like you, I can NOT have a relationship. I feel so disgusting and gross. I cry all the time and have thought of suicide because I cannot live with this pain anymore. I would give anything to have my "huge" thighs back again. I have a huge dent in my butt and can't even wear jeans! How sad is that? I'm 27 and can't even wear jeans. I don't even go out much anymore because I am only comfortable in sweats and fleece pants.


  • wasn't worth it at all! I am now more self-conscious about my legs then I was before. Now my legs look like they have deformity! He just took too much out and I don't see how it will be fixed without another negative consequence. This is so sad, because I'm 32 and now I can't see myself ever wearing shorts or feeling comfortable naked with a man again, :( “


  • I consulted for abs/flank lipo and was 10 lbs. over my ideal weight. He recommended a little inner/outer thigh since it wouldn't be much more and it would "smooth out" the silhouette… He performed lipo in an area I did not consent to and ruined my thighs and butt. He gave me a DOUBLE GLUTEAL fold under both cheeks, which is the result of overaggressive lipo… Two 1/2 years later, the problem still exists, and I have nerve damage AND it hurts to sit. I have years of fat transfers ahead of me at a cost of $25,000 and counting.”




  • year after the procedure I kept trying to tell myself it was better than it has been, but I just can't lie to myself anymore. At times it makes me not want to live anymore, please think twice before lipo.  I just want it fixed but I have no idea how”.



  • I had two liposuction procedures within one week on my back and sides 11 weeks ago. I am still in extreme pain for majority of the time. I am unable to work or take care of myself. I am becoming psychologically worn out from this debilitation. I was told that I would miss 3-4 days of work. What is wrong, and who do I go to for help?


  • I had liposuction done to the flanks and abdomen about 5 weeks ago and though I’m told massage will reduce the hardness and lumpiness, I can’t seem to do that due to the pain. I can barely scrub with my washcloth during a shower and when I’m driving I cringe at every pothole. Does this pain sound normal after 5 weeks or should I go to the ER? I can barely touch myself and the pain seems more intense around the flanks. I’m starting to get really worried.


  • I'm really concerned. I am a few days out from lipo to the upper lower ab, hips, and thighs. I am really regretting the hip liposuction. I feel that I look straight up and down like a board. I am wondering since I am so soon out of surgery and already looking like this. Does this mean my feminine shape will never return? I feel so uncomfortable to sleep. I cannot sleep on my sides and when I sleep on my back I feel there is not enough fat left in my upper back of the hips to support and cushion me comfortable.


  • I only wanted my tummy done but after consulting with a prominent La Jolla doc, who said SmartLipo is a piece of cake and urged me to do the other areas...gee, I am already under anesthesia... off I went to surgery. I had five areas done in Nov 2007… My stomach is ruined with lumps and sagging skin - I cannot believe I ruined my nice body over a little protruding hurts like hell too. I take Vicodin every couple hours just to get through the day…One side of my waistline is more sculpted than the other and on my small frame it really is obvious. It was the most painful thing I have experienced in my life - I have been through a lot and am a "tough" girl when it comes to pain - this was awful. Despite the results, I would never have willingly gone through the recovery - I was not well informed.


  • Please help! On 4/1/09 I had a power assisted, ultra-assisted liposuction of my flanks and abdomen. I just thought I would look more muscular, "defined" since I am already pretty tight in that area, but instead I have a lumpy stomach! I am so depressed; I have never looked this bad in my life!!!!! I have always worked out at least 3 X's per week with weights & aerobics. Everyone use to compliment me on my abs..... I thought this would just make my abs. more "defined"...I wish I had my old stomach back!!! I have been doing 400 crunches per day in hopes of getting rid of the lumps and wearing my "spanx girdle". Is there anything else I can do?


  • I had surgery 9 weeks ago my PS determined that that my surgery was not successful & he would have to go back & redo the surgery. He said my butt fell & I agree. I have saddlebags instead of butt checks now. My flank area is bigger than what was & I have an indentation in between my flanks & butt. Does anyone know what could have caused this & how to prevent it from happening again? I rested as I was told for the first 3 weeks & did not start exercising again until week 7.


  • I had lipo back in Dec 2010 & it was honestly the most painful thing I've experienced post-surgery. At first the results were amazing, lots of compliments on my legs especially & I felt the pain was worth it. Now 2 years later my body is doing the strangest things. I've always had a great stomach but seems since my weight has fluctuated whatever is happening is causing my skin to look & feel loose. If I sit down or bend over it looks like a wrinkled pug. I'm only 30…


  • I am 5'5 115lbs and nearing 40. I had inner and outer thighs done then upper and lower abs. Both places have been redone already!! There is no "sculpting" involved, there is no skin tightening… the lumps I have on my stomach and inner thighs are disgusting… My outer thighs have just as much cellulite as they did before but my inner thighs are GROSS! It looks like a meat grinder got ahold of them under my skin. The indentations are far worse than the cellulite that was there before. Yes my thighs are smaller, BUT they are lumpy, sagging near my crotch (like a much older woman) and NO TONE WHATSOEVER!!! I live in California and wear a bikini religiously all summer but not anymore! I would NEVER EVER do this surgery again. Let alone 2 redo procedures on each area. CELLULITE IS NORMAL, DISFIGUREMENT IS NOT!!!


  • Hello, I recently got SmartLipo about 5 months ago (inner/out thighs, banana, and flanks) I am young (22), and in great shape and count calories. After I got the procedure, nothing about my diet, or workout routine changed. For some reason, as I slowly started seeing results in my legs and flanks, my arms, breast, and stomach, slowly have become thicker. What is going on!?I’m getting very discourage and hate how my body is reacting! Please help


  • I had the most recognized plastic surgeon in Indianapolis. Fabulous facility with all the bells and whistles and a price tag to go along with all of it. I could have lived with my thighs; I cannot live with the stranger in the mirror. I am no longer recognizable and my waist and hip measurements are identical. I look like a human tube sock. My arms are like Popeye's and my had to go up 4 inches at least. My is somebody else for sure. If you could still recognize the old face, it would be a blessing at this point. However, I am totally a different person. I hate the me I now am and losing weight is tough. I cannot believe I look this different at the same pre-lipo weight. The body fights back when we abuse it. I would like to have the cannula and that surgeon for about 30 minutes. Bless all of you who learned the hard way. Tell your friends and family not to damage their bodies this way. They just don't blast through fat cells; they get into nerves and everything else inside your bodies. They are reckless and money hungry and we are victims of women whose pictures are all photo-shopped in magazines and movies.


  • you are not alone. That same thing happened to me. I went in at 121 and about 3 days later was 124 all of this 'new' weight immediately accumulated on my stomach and lower back. I had hips, outer thigh, banana roll and knees. I used to be able to eat. I returned to get the fat taken from abdomen to help even out the divots in my legs and only some of the fat survived. All through this I watch weight creep up eating less and less. Guess where all of the fat goes??? Upper arms, breasts, and back. I got to 140lb right after that surgery and couldn't take the weight off. No one would believe what was happening. I had to do something so now I live on a protein diet only. Eggs in the morning, roast beef rolled into cheese for lunch and piece of chicken or steak in a salad for dinner. That is my life and only thing that has helped me stabilize and get down to 130. The minute I try to have a normal sandwich and maybe a yogurt. The weight gain starts. I have surrendered. Surrendered to the fact that I have to live with cobblestoned appearance legs, a divoted tummy with loose skin and rolls on my back that I never ever had and that people don't have. And now, that I can't even enjoy foods that I used to. I wish there was more 'real' info out there about the devastating consequences of liposuction/SmartLipo, etc. It is so sad.


  • I now live with unbearable physical, emotional and psychological pain and suffering on a daily basis. It’s been almost 2 years since discovering the full, horrific results and every day that passes brings on a deeper level of unbearable pain, suffering and despair. The areas where I had lipo’d actually feel like the skin is burning, hot and on fire 24/7 and I have never been able to find anyone or anything to alleviate it. My body is a rippled mess due to uneven and over aggressive liposuction of areas that should have never been treated and areas touched that I never consented to…. I cry about 23-24 hours a day. I am at the end of my rope and hanging by a thread. I hope others think twice before opting for lipo as well.


I had to have numerous laser treatments because PAL (power assisted liposuction) was used instead of smart lipo as promised. The rubbing on my skin from the cannula left burn marks on every incision! So, I spent thousands of dollars after the actual lipo to get rid of the scars and they are still there! As for my tummy, it is uneven, lumpy, and bumpy. there is a line running across my tummy that is also indented permanently with two incisions at each end. I can't wear a two piece anymore. I cry every time I see myself in the mirror. Why get lipo if the world is going to know because you have major scars! My stomach is permanently deformed, and my calves are scarred, and I had to pay thousands more to be able to wear shorts! 


  • I had a thigh Smart Lipo in December 2011.It's been over a year and I still have bumps and lumps and bruises! The doctor said that it would get better by time but it never did. The bumpy areas have a weird sensation and often feel as if they are badly bruised. I am really scared that I’ll never look normal again. Is it going to get better? Do I have to undergo a revision lipo procedure? Would exercise help? (My doctor said that exercise won't help) I am only 25 and this is terrifying. Please help.


  • This is so sad. I had liposuction done about 5 years ago and was so excited to have it done. I was normal weight and was always skinny on my upper body, never had a problem with it. I had liposuction done on my outer thighs, inner thighs, knees, and buttocks, which were my problem areas. Right after my liposuction I started to notice that my breasts were getting bigger, and then my shirts did not fit anymore, my tummy was growing and even my face was looking fatter. At first I did not pay much attention because I was so happy with my lipo and my legs thinner, etc. But some months later, I noticed that my clothes on my upper body did not fit at all even my bras. I had to start buying bigger sizes and didn't know what to think about that. I went from "small" on shirts to "large" and "extra-large" and on my bras I went from cup "A" to cup "C", my waistline was so defined and now I look like a tank, my arms are so big now that I have shirts' sleeves make a mark on them. I started exercising more but the weight kept coming in, I couldn't stop it. I started going more to the gym with no luck. I now weight 30 more lbs. than before and I look deformed. Can you imagine 30 lbs. everywhere else but where you had liposuction I now gain weight on my face, arms, breasts, tummy, back, etc. I look so deformed and I hate it so bad. I don't know what to do. I've even started having thyroid problems because I've starved myself sometimes to try to lose the weight somehow… My surgeon only told me not to gain weight, but I do exactly the same thing as before, I exercise the same as before but now I'm 30 lbs. heavier and deformed.


  • Now after liposuction every area the surgeon has touched is lumpy and uneven, and the skin looks like on a 70-year old woman. When damages like this have been done it is almost impossible to get it back to usual condition... All I can say is DON'T DO LIPOSUCTION. To quote average U.S. statistics: Over 45,000 deaths in less than 8 years, more annual deaths in percentage by liposuction than car accidents, over 50% of patients who gain all weight back, and over 45% of female patients who has an unknown reaction to the procedure and gain larger bust size after liposuction, and a dissatisfaction rate of more than 20% according to the surgical society's own data - hardly a procedure that include only a few quacks and a handful of disappointments. 20% alone of 341,000 procedures a year are over 68,000 very unhappy patients. Not exactly a small number. And god knows how many worldwide, not to mention all those who are dead and unable to speak out about their procedures. Liposuction is completely overrated and has far more chances of being a waste, a risk, and a cost much more in correctional procedures than the actual surgery itself. But very few people know that.


  • The other responder advises you to "feel confident in your decision" and "trust in your doc". I would not let a stranger on the Internet be the one that influences you to go forward with a fairly aggressive procedure. You don't what the motives are of these people. Plastic surgeons are likely to lessen your fears, but keep in mind they need our business! If liposuction were banned, for example, I'm sure that some of them would have close shop. Yes, I'm a stranger too and you don't know my motives, but I'm advising you to do nothing for now. If you're that unsure, you really shouldn't move forward (in my opinion). This is not a medical emergency - it's ok to wait. For the record, the reason I'm adding my 2 cents is that I think someone needs to stand up for their fellow human being. This procedure has ruined my looks, my ability to enjoy food, my quality of life, and even partly my health. I believe the procedure is harmful, but I doubt that plastic surgeons will step up and do the right thing. On the contrary, many of them will probably fight to keep the procedure (in other words, keep their lifestyle). It's kind of understandable, but it's also unconscionable. Rosemary


  • I work in a liposuction specialty clinic and I want everyone to be very careful with the belief that credentials of board certified or plastic surgeon guarantees you good outcomes.


  • I had lipo of the lower abdomen done over 12 years ago. I have loose skin, unevenness, fluid build-up, and hardened scar tissue beneath my strange-looking belly button. I need advice on how to fix it to a point where I don't look like an alien is living in my stomach. I have areas that bulge right above my pubic region, and it bulges through my clothing. The waistband of my pants makes an indent from the fluid. I've also gained weight in upper abdomen/love handles. Please give advice.



  • I had liposuction on my legs, inner & outer thighs, knees, calves, and ankles 3 weeks ago. I have read extremely scary comments about the maintenance of the weight and the shape of the legs after liposuction of legs. I have NOT read any successful stories in which the patient is happy with their new legs a few years after the operation. Is there any chance that I will be happy with my legs a few years down the road? I am absolutely scared because the majority of people are not happy with their legs years after surgery. Will I be condemned to have gelatinous deformed and lumpy legs?


Note: in response, the doctors on real self-trivialized the concerns and wrote answers like this:


  1. Despite most patients being happy with liposuction, more people tend to write comments on the Internet when they are not happy than those who are pleased and you may be seeing an inaccurate sample of the patient feelings about liposuction for this reason.


  1. I don't know what comments you have been reading. There are always disgruntled patients who sensationalize things.  And there is the occasional bad result due to bad technique or bad patient selection.  But I can tell you that liposuction of the legs -- well done and on the right patient -- is one of the most successful procedures in cosmetic surgery.  So relax!  You will probably have a good result.


Note: Clearly these doctors do not want to pay attention to the real problems. The problem with liposuction has to do with the biology of fat, not simply with bad doctors. They are determined to represent liposuction as good medicine contrary to the countless number of people who are being butchered.


Two years later, the same woman wrote: “I had lipo in my legs and even though I kept the weight off my legs look like Jell-O. I cannot look at myself in the mirror because I cry. If you can choose between having lipo or not, please choose to accept yourself with a bit fatter legs and live a healthy life.”


Every morning when I wake up I have panic attacks and I wake up in the middle of the night because of the excruciating pain. He really ruined my body image, my mobility and mentally traumatized me… It saddens me that there are many of us with the same stories, look for them, they are here. I would’ve never thought this happened so frequently; from women who had surgery with board certified surgeons to surgeons who only have a cosmetic license… There have been many women who I message and some take my advice and some tell me to screw myself. There are 2 ladies here who still decided to keep their surgery dates and guess what? Sadly they are struggling with their health, their lasts posts is "I wish I never did this" scary right? If you don’t believe me, it’s here all over just search for lipo nightmares. Their beginning posts are "I can’t wait, I’m so excited, I just got out of surgery can’t wait to see the progress" to their last post "I’m dying I’m in the ICU, wish I never did this to my family"



  • Please god let this get better: (I didn't expect perfection but I definitely didn't expect a lumpy deformed stomach and flanks. My sides look like they have cellulite???? I wasn't overweight.... 124 pounds the day of surgery. I thought that was the ideal lipo patient?








  • performed lipo against patient consent. “Regarding what one signs before surgery: I was given no paper with specific procedures to approve. I have since seen them in other PS offices though. Rather, I was given a form which said, "surgery requested: Posterior Neck Lift ". Following that is a list of possible risks, acknowledgments that it is not an exact science, and one particularly interesting line authorizing the surgeon to "perform any other procedure he may deem necessary or improve the condition or treat unforeseen conditions that he may encounter during the procedure". Is that the way he gives himself space to do as he likes, against specific and repeated (verbal) wishes of the patient? Can he use that? Mere hours before the surgery (evening before 7am surgery) I told him clearly that I could not go forward without his assurance that he would not do lipo. His loyal nurse knows I needed to make this clear to him one more time, as I called the office and she took the message and had him call me back. However, it is unlikely she would admit this, as she has been there for years, likes her job, and is very much his loyal employee. I am wondering if he sometimes feels safe disregarding patient’s wishes because he is prominent, his legal team knows what to do, and we are just individuals coming into the surgeon's secure world where every word has been carefully chosen over the years, and every foreseeable circumstance discussed, and legal protections put in place. I don't know how many patients really expect problems stemming from disregard of their wishes. Most might imagine their surgeon to, at minimum, not disregard their wishes. And I wonder how many people want to get involved in legal cases. Many of us hope for discretion and privacy while we quietly improve an aspect of our appearance. A legal case makes it difficult to maintain privacy, and so perhaps there are surgeons who feel some protection from knowing we don't want to broadcast our plastic surgery? My surgeon is well known, established, has great before and after pictures and a busy upscale practice. Most of his reviews are glowing. However, he also has some very poor reviews, and some mention his arrogance in a way that I now recognize.”


  • …Why don't surgeons warn us about skin to muscle adherence when liposuction often results in this complication quite often, it’s very painful and skin to muscle adherence constricts mobility? Besides the skin adherence, these are the complications I still live with: ongoing numbness ongoing problems with swelling (mainly on my right leg) ongoing burning/pulling sensation lumpy, bumpy, hard and fibrous fat; excessive amount of scar tissue; hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation; disturbing areas of loose skin; unsightly dents; stretch marks due to ripping/adhered skin major (negative) body contour changes - my waist, looks like this | | rather than this) (loss of feminine curves; large incision holes long-lasting and chronic pain disturbing regrowth of fat in weird places feelings of anger, depression, and despair over being violated; feelings of betrayal by my surgeon Raul Gongora; loss of confidence loss of social life and strained relationships due to surgery; Feelings of betrayal to learn that liposuction is linked to disease processes, proven in studies…





These last two women seem to me to be in denial at some point about the severity of their burns, and they turn their focus back to ‘having the perfect body.’ It’s a huge disconnect for me. If burns like this are an acceptable, standard, expected outcome, then doctors regularly put the lives of women in grave risk without a thought for the value of the women’s life. For profit, doctors disfigure, maim, worsen the health of, and kill people via the procedure of liposuction, which is scientifically proven to cause adverse effects. 8 May 2014  - 4 years post. I went to my trusted plastic surgeon for a consult, who did a nice job on my breasts, which had shockingly pancaked out after I finished breastfeeding (1st plastic surgery I ever had at the age of 45).

This man grabbed skin around my abdomen like a clamp and everywhere else, pulled out on it, and insisted I needed a complete body lift and thigh lift. I did not. I had some MILD skin laxity at the age of 45, but nothing near that warranted what he insisted. Because I was a novice in this game, I was very intimidated, and although I was stunned at this 'assessment', I succumbed to his powerfully manipulated 'diagnosis' and allowed him to do the procedure, which was traumatic. I awoke in seizures and spent 3 days in a rehabilitation home. After that, the results were mortifying. I had no idea I could pursue anything legally and went to Northwestern Hospital, seeking another specialist to correct the major deformities created by the horrible body lift (Northwestern Hospital touts itself to be the best hospital in Chicago with top doctors. It is self-proclaimed). There I encountered another slew of practitioners (whom at the time, I believed were top in world because when I called the physician's referral line, I was told that patients fly in from all over the world to see this physician for these types of surgeries). From day one I had a series of complications from the redo that this surgeon did. I developed seromas, open wounds that did not heal, severe scarring, more deformities (my buttocks had unnatural bulges that were imbalanced), and pain. For almost 3-4 years I kept going back to this surgeon to put out fire after fire of issues. His 'treatments' of the issues created more issues. My left hip has caved in, and he was liposuctioning me repeatedly in an attempt to fill it in with fat. After doing this about 4-5 times, painfully, he hit my hip joint with the cannula where I developed such huge swelling that I couldn't walk, and my legs began to have irregular divots and lumps from the repeated liposuction to get fat to fill my left hip. It interfered with my profession of being a personal trainer. I spent the last year icing and doing physical therapy to just walk normally.


I finally stopped going to him because my life had become an endless loop of incessant visits to Northwestern that were costly and exhausting, with worsening results after each attempt. He also induced me into a different procedure that has debilitated me and cost me more. The money loss and physical drain that this has taken on my life and effects on my family are a sin.


After almost 2 years, and some healing from the repeated liposuction traumas, my left hip is still caved in, my musculoskeletal system is misaligned, I have severe scars and impingements, and I have discomfort from the redo (the unnatural lumps in my buttocks cause pain and interfere with natural movement).


Because the symptoms have been worsening, I sought a consultation with a new surgeon to see if there was anything minimally invasive that could possibly improve my quality of life. I found a plastic surgeon who had superb reviews and I went for a consultation to see if there was a minimally invasive procedure where he could possibly remove the abnormal fat lumps placed on the sides of my buttocks, and possibly fill my left hip, which is down to the bone, and pulls my body unnaturally. This surgeon appears to be ethical, has an extraordinary resume. He took his time to review ALL medical records of what was done to me. He showed me serious abnormalities that are present in my body because of the specific 'technique' (if you could call it that), that this surgeon did. What I saw on my MRI's from this Northwestern surgeon nauseated and stunned me. I am currently in the process of working with this new surgeon to find a way to relieve my pain, and improve my functionality, without causing me anymore damage because of the severe scarring that I have, as well as the misplaced and compromised condition that the prior surgeon has left my body in. The discovery for me is 5 years after the fact now, and the new surgeon himself aroused this revisit because he stated (which is unusual for a doctor to speak against another doctor in Chicago) that he was pretty bad with what this other doctor did, that his 'technique' was poor at best, and that the procedure that he did was common knowledge to just not be effective or proper. Unfortunately, I am past any statute for any restitution.

Sambra, I am so sorry you are going through this. I too am dealing VERY similar results from a Tampa FL Dr. last Feb. I have never had kids, never smoked, good skin, I was NOT overweight; H/W; 5' 4" tall, 138 lbs., BIG BONE structure (thanks for that dad), and I had NEVER weighed more than my ideal weight, never. I simply had my weight mostly in my torso and a VERY flat rear end. I had a Brazilian butt lift (fat transfer) with lipo of muffin top, abdomen, lower abdomen, and lower back area. He butchered me! I am a dented, lumpy, bumpy mess, and my Brazilian Butt Lift is COMPLETELY gone 1 year after having it done, the left side of my lower stomach area (below my belly button) sticks out 2 inches further than the right. He gauged a tunnel on my right hip (flank) and for some reason he took fat from my pubic bone but ONLY ON ONE SIDE!!!!! So now I have a big dent on my pubic bone. I was only 32 at the time, and I am now a monster!!! I WISH bad lipo like this would be an automatic FULL REFUND so we can actually afford to fix the damage being done by all of these BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON'S....They all say research your doctor....but that REALLY makes NO difference, I researched for a year, the results were still dreadful, and then this "Dr" actually told me my results were "normal" and I should give it "a couple of years to fully see results"!!! CAN you believe it? Me either! I am a shell of the woman I was, despite being the "ideal" candidate, I now live in shame, I am TOTALLY humiliated if my shirt rides up and someone see's my GROSS DEFORMED lower back, and I WILL NOT let my husband see me naked in normal lighting! I think the obvious BAD lipo suction's SHOULD be FULLY refunded. MAYBE that would SLOW these over aggressive FAST doctor's down, so they no longer DESTROY their patients. I cry many days out of a month, but I am a stepmom to 3 kids under 9 so I don't get much free time to grieve the very deep emotional WOUNDS (scares heal, this is a permanent WOUND) that this "doctor" left me with... Of course, with 3 stepchildren now, I will NEVER be able to afford to fix it. These doctor's do not seem to understand (or CARE) how much emotional turmoil we feel for the REST OF OUR LIVES......but hey, at least they are $12,000 richer than before we were butchered. I wish I could offer some words of encouragement, but I know we are just victims of "LEGALIZED malpractice". I know there are good doctor's (somewhere, right?) but it truly is a matter of what the doctor does THE DAY YOU are on his operating table... Is it at all possible to rebuild my thighs & lower buttocks back to their original shape after aggressive liposuction? -----

I am 48, thin & was healthy. Worked out 20 years. Now, I'm depressed & hate my body. 2 yrs. ago, felt I couldn't keep up with diet & exercise to maintain my shape. Thought I needed to remove some fat from "saddlebags" (which I Now know were not, but we're important areas that supported my buttocks). My PS agreed & also went down my lateral thighs, thinning me out & totally transforming my shape. I lost my great feminine curves, am very asymmetrical & hate how I look & feel in & out of clothes.


Experience of a young mother in her twenties

A young mother wrote that when she was seventeen, she was self-conscious about her outer thighs and knees, mostly the knees. She didn't realize it then, but what she didn't like wasn't fat, it was some hip and femur issues she is now aware of. The surgeon told her, "Knees aren't good for lipo. But leggings are coming back; these big bumps will drive you crazy. I'll take these off," referring to the curve on her lateral hip.


The surgeon was snappy with the teenager who had feelings of inferiority about her body.  The young women felt pressured into the procedure by the surgeon who took off 1 and 1/2 cups of fat from each thigh. She came out with pillar legs with no tapering and describes her body as going from a wonky hourglass shape into an inverted triangle.


She says it looks like she never hit puberty. She has cried for a decade about this loss and criminal violation. One of her children has autism. She had to have progesterone shots during another pregnancy. Her legs now get puffy and swollen. When she is exposed to sunlight and warmth, her flesh swells. She has neurological issues that are not inherited.


Fat is a bodily organ, part of the endocrine system, and related to sex-hormone production and metabolism as well as insulin interactions. This woman believes her body rebuilt those three cups of lipid molecules that were sucked out and stored them in the rest of her legs, since their own scaffolding was destroyed, causing them to look fatter.


The overstuffed cells put pressure on delicate vasculature and causes hypoxia, local insulin resistance, and inflammation. Nobody warned her that liposuction would cause discomfort, health problems, and ruin her looks. There are no laws protecting the public.


A Pioneer of Liposuction

Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian M.D. is the author of one of the ‘most respected’ reference textbooks on Liposuction. He is recognized as a pioneer in the development of modern technologies as he has designed several of the surgical instruments currently used in liposuction and fat transfer. Here are some quotes I found online from his patients:


“His lousy lipo job will haunt me every day of my life and I hate him for that.”

“They are rude, hustling you for more procedures, while belittling you for your looks.” “The doctor is a complete salesman. I have an indent in my outer butt cheek from him taking out too much fat during lipo”


Some additional blogs are here -

I am in touch with some people whose stories are posted here. Their online stories seem tame compared to the personal anguish they express in emails and phone calls.

The field of plastic and cosmetic surgery has become severely predatory. There is little to no accountability. If doctors get away with something, they will continue to do so until a law change makes them pay. There is no greater lesson than one learned from severe loss.

The doctors, their lobbies, boards, and lawyers are deceiving the public by institutional propaganda. Some people insist they have the right to do what they want to their bodies; however, doctors are not supposed to diminish the health of a healthy persons or end their lives and then cover up the harm. Without knowing the truth, people are misled.

As I read these forums of story after story of repeated pain, suffering, financial drain, and life changing consequences from plastic surgeons, I work to educate the public about this iatrogenic harm. I would like to see people stop blaming the victims and instead hold those in positions of power who profit accountable to stop the harm.


DISCLAIMER: The information presented in this paper is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction.


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